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Rachel Dutson

My Professional Training

I received my Professional Culinary Arts Certificate from Park City Culinary Institute.

I also completed a Wedding Cake Masters course from the award winning and Food Network Champion, Emerlie Ann, owner of My Sugar Rush.

In order to perfect Sugar Flowers, I have taken Sugar Flower classes from MANY of the topic Sugar Flower Artists around the world including Zoe Clark, Suzanne Esper, Marie Antoinette, Angela Morrison, Arati Marji, Emma Steward, ,The Botanical Cake Studio and so many more! I have loved learning different techniques and styles from each artists, in order to create my own artistic style. 

I am LICENSED!  I wear gloves and a hat when I bake.  My kitchen and equipment is sanitized with food-safe sanitizers.  My dishwasher has been tested to ensure it sanitizes.   And I use the 3 sink method to wash and sanitize all my baking supplies.  I also have a separate pantry and fridge for my business.  You are SAFE ordering from me!

Utah Pastry Chef
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