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Sugar Flowers

I specialize in stunning Sugar Flowers! 


Sugar flowers are completely free of pesticides or chemicals.

They  can be custom made in any color, even gold or silver.


You also don't have to worry seasons.  Sugar flowers are always in season.

Also, a lot of flowers are NOT food safe.  Some common flowers like baby's breath and hydrangeas are actually toxic flowers.  They should NEVER be placed on a cake.  If you are wanting any of these flowers, I definitely recommend sugar flowers.

Plus, sugar flowers will not melt on a sunny day.  They'll last in hot weather a lot longer than buttercream flowers.


Lastly, although technically they are edible, I don't recommend actually eating them.  Sugar flowers can be kept years! They make a really unique and special wedding memento. Just keep your flowers away from moisture or steam.

gumpaste flowers
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